Boa c. imperator Fire Bellies for sale

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Fire Belly boas for sale; La Bahia boa for sale

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This year we have been successful again with breeding Firebelly Boas. The babies have already shed their skin and accepted their first meal. Here are some photos. We would like to stress that it is very difficult to get decent photos of the belly of a boa. Therefore we ask for your understanding that we publish only some sample photos of the offspring 2016. It was toilsome enought to make these photos! The other Firebelly boas that we didn’t photograph look almost identical, promise!


(Mn=Männchen | male)
(Wn=Weibchen | female)

Firebelly Boa NZ 2016 - 6 Firebelly Boa NZ 2016 - 5 Firebelly Boa NZ 2016 - 4 Firebelly Boa NZ 2016 - 3 Firebelly Boa NZ 2016 - 2 Firebelly Boa NZ 2016


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