Boa c. imperator Tamaulipas Mexico for sale

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Tamaulipas Mexico dwarf boas offspring

The Boa c. imperator from the State of Tamaulipas/Mexico isn’t only a hardy boa for a beginner with a docile temper, but also a so-called dwarfish boa. As a rule, dwarfish boas are rare and expensive. The former is also valid for the Tamaulipas Boas, because our offpring 2014 is the first one in Europe.

Tamaulipas Mexiko Zwergboa NZ15 W2 Tamaulipas Mexiko Zwergboa NZ15 M2 Tamaulipas Mexiko Zwergboa NZ15 W1 Tamaulipas Mexiko Zwergboa NZ15 M1


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