Boa c. imperator Ambergris Caye for sale

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Dwarf Boa c. imperator Ambergris Caye Belize offspring

Captive born July 13, 2013 – second available offspring in Europe

Three years after our first breeding success we have again managed to breed Ambergris Caye dwarf boas.

Before 2010, this scarce island morph wasn’t available over here

The parents are F1 offspring, legally imported by us

  • The Ambergris Caye Boas are anerythristic by tendency.That is, they show a very special hue
  • Along with the Tarahumara and Cay Caulker boas they belong to the most dwarfish boas. They rarely grow larger than 1,50 m (5ft.)
  • The Ambergris Caye Boas are very hardy and show a docile temper
  • This is only the second litter of Ambergris Caye Boas in Europe.
  • Their appearance is clearly different to other Boa c. imperator (except to the Cay Caulker boas)
  • This island form is scarcly kept and bred in captivity
  • Since dwarfish boas are very delicate in the first year of life it is recommendable to purchase a two or three year old specimen. To get hold of prey items of the proper size for the boa is more easier at this age as well.


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