Boa c. constrictor Peru for sale

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Boa c. constrictor Peru for sale – Peruvian Red Tail Boas for sale

Ever since the boa c. constrictor breeding facilities in Peru shut down the Peruvian red tail boas have become a scarcity in the captive husbandry of boa constrictors. These boas are rarely bred in captivity, all the more we are very happy about our success.

Boa c. constrictor Peru offspring 09-01-2015. These females are still for sale:

female 2


female 1

And here are the parents:

Boa c constrictor Peru adult male
Boa c. constrictor Peru – Vater | father
Boa c constrictor Peru adult female
Boa c. constrictor Peru – Mutter | mother


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